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Geography Books for Kids & More

Welcome to our site!
 We would like to share with you our newly published books! We are donating 100% of our personal proceeds to the support of causes that are meaningful to us, including heart disease, Parkinson's and dystonia, and breast cancer research. Our books and support of medical research were featured in a segment on ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV.

In this site, you'll find our series of geography books for kids (covering the U.S., Canada, China, and Europe), along with a children's fantasy about bullying called "Fruit of the Vine," and the young adult novel, "Gathering Roses," which touches on society's heavy focus on the Internet for communication -- and the effects this has had on relationships and intimacy.
 Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe

Weisberg and Yoffe have a special knack for exploring educational and social topics by using fun, compelling plots and engaging characters that easily connect with children and young adults. Works include "Fruit of the Vine," which stands out among fantasy books for kids by creating a wonderfully imaginative setting where unlikely characters become friends and help each other through the challenges they face. This powerful story is ideal for those in search of bullying books for children and is an enjoyable read at any age. 

 Weisberg-Yoffe.org is designed to allow you to conveniently find the works of these authors. Titles are available to conveniently purchase. 

This site also features many links to free videos of our work.  We also offer free DVDs on request.  Feel free to browse the selections available and begin enjoying the unique perspective that Weisberg and Yoffe bring to the world.