We have developed this website, which showcases our published young adult and children's books, published online articles and book reviews, and breast cancer foundations that we are supporting through personal proceeds. Breast cancer is a disease that has affected the lives of close friends and family members, and we are passionate about supporting the fight against this illness. The children's geography book, "All Across China," was written in honor and memory of one of the mothers in our China adoption group who passed away from breast cancer. In addition to these foundations, we are also donating personal proceeds to the American Heart Association and American Red Cross, in honor and memory of a friend who inspired one of the lead characters in the young adult novel, "Gathering Roses," and who passed away at an early age from heart disease. A portion of personal proceeds are also going toward Parkinson's and dystonia research, as these are diseases that have affected us personally as well.

Through this site, we are providing several of our books  that are in print as complimentary pdf downloads. We are making these materials avaiilable  for free to libraries, homeschoolers, and  public schools across the country. 
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