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All Across China
'All Across China' fills a large void in publishing: namely, geography books for children. The author has wisely chosen a region of growing interest to many. The book gives a thumbnail sketch of all of China's provinces. It strikes a good balance: a map of the location of each province is shown in relation to the rest of the country, but the book is not saturated with highly detailed maps. This is in keeping with the targeted audience. It provides exposure of maps to children without giving in to the temptation to throw too much information at the audience at once. Equally helpful is the accompanying narrative of each province. Animals, topographic features and famous sights are mentioned, in hopes of connecting with various interests of children. The book is almost entirely in English (appropriate for its intended audience). However, I found the inclusion of the province names written in Chinese (in a relatively smaller font size, beneath the much larger English name) to be a nice addition to the text. Hopefully it will spur the curiosity of some to pursue study of Chinese language as well. 
–Amazon reader review

All Across Canada
We have received your beautiful book. Children are sure to enjoy it and find it an interesting way to learn about Canadian geography…-Ainsworth Public Library, VT 
All Across Canada; I love it!! I am sure that it will be a hit with the children. -Campobello Public Library, New Brunswick, Canada
We have just recently received a copy of "All Across Canada" that was kindly donated by you.  It is a wonderful book and I look forward to having our area young people discovering it. -Upton Branch Library, WY
Thank you so much for the donation of the Across Canada book for our Children’s Department. I gave it to our Children’s Librarian and she was very impressed with it. She thought it was a beautiful book with great information. -Plymouth Public Library, IN
Received the book, thank you so much. What a delight! Can’t wait to show it to one of my trustees, who was a school librarian with a special interest in Canadian children’s books. -Chazy Public Library, NY

Gathering Roses
Thank you so much for your book.  I read it this past week, and found it to be entertaining yet insightful. You certainly know the inner lives of the people you write about, and I think the book will strike a resonant chord with young adults. -Professor, Saybrook Graduate School, CA
I adored “Gathering Roses”… - Goose Creek Township Carnegie Library, IL
… “Gathering Roses", which you donated, has been very well received.  Our patrons are reading it and enjoying it.  Thank you very much. - Collinsville Library, VA 
Your book “Gathering Roses” is making the rounds in the adult section of the library right now since the adult librarian liked it and wanted to let the adults get a look at it. -Dighton Public Library, MA
Thank you for your gracious offer of another book. I am sure it is as wonderful as the first one, and we would be greatly pleased to add “All Across Canada” to our collection also... -Indian Area River Library, MI
Thank you very much for donating your book "Gathering Roses." It will be added to our Young Adult section this week. It was a very good book and I already have two people on hold for it. Thank you for thinking of us. - Chillicothe Public Library, IL
Your book "Gathering Roses", gathers no dust on our shelves. Thank you again for your donation.-Kemmerer Library, WY
Thank you for your previous donation, "Gathering Roses." Our patrons are enjoying reading your book.  -Columbia County Library, AR

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