Over the past few years we've raised anti-bullying awareness through circus-based performances, book publishing, and book donations. We've donated tens of thousands of our books to schools and libraries, homeschoolers and parent centers throughout the US and Canada. Drawing from our circus shows and our published children's fantasy, FRUIT OF THE VINE, which promotes bystander intervention, our troupe has been called FACEPAINT (which stands for Fantasy and Circus Entertainers Partnering Against Intolerance). We have recently put together a Nonprofit Organization that is also called FACEPAINT, with the major endeavors of:

1. Raising bullying awareness 
2. Providing educational books for children, and
3. Raising money for cancer research

Our Vision: FACEPAINT will be geared toward continued support of education and anti-bullying awareness through our children's books/audiobook, videos, and donations. Personal proceeds for sales of our books through book fairs, book displays and Amazon sales (through our publisher, Waldorf Publishing) will go toward support of breast cancer awareness/research. Our nonprofit is also in the process of securing funding for a film project based on our book “FRUIT OF THE VINE.” We hope this film will provide both entertainment and bullying awareness at schools, conferences, workshops, clubs, film festivals, etc.