The third book in an exciting new Children’s Geography series, “All Across China,” provides a tour of China’s 34 provinces, municipalities, and other regions.  As with “Friends and Mates in Fifty States” and “All Across Canada” (both Waldorf Publishing), Ellen Weisberg, Ph.D. and Ken Yoffe, M.D. once again provide an entertaining and educational way for the whole family to learn about one of the world’s most important and interesting countries.  Using the mnemonic devices of clever rhymes and naming characters after the provincial capitals, “All Across China” also includes endless fun facts and charming artwork to answer such questions as:
--Where are the Terracotta Warriors?
--What do they mean by Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese food?
--Where can one see the Great Wall of China?
--What do Xi, Dong, Bei, and Nan mean?
China is the world’s fourth largest country and, with over a billion people, has the largest population. It is full of breathtaking mountains and rivers, fascinating animals and crops, and many different cultures and languages. Join Cai, Na, Ning, Song, and dozens of their friends on a trip All Across China!

All Across China
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"This is a very fun way to learn about the geography of China. I would read a page, and my daughter (10 years old) would read the poem on the next page. It's very colorful and simple. I like how it's a story of a girl that goes all over China and meets her friends. Very creative!"

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]